70's Fashion

70's Fashion

The 70s are known for their bold, colourful style. The decade was defined by the hippie movement and disco music, which influenced fashion trends during this time. 

Many people associate the 1970s with bell bottoms and leisure suits but there were many other styles that emerged from this era. In fact, you can still see some of these looks today! 


The Bold and the Beautiful 

The bold and beautiful are the stars of this decade. Bright colours, patterns and flamboyant silhouettes are all in vogue. The jumpsuit is a popular choice for women who want to make a statement, while men often opt for flared trousers or bell bottoms with their shirts tucked in at the waistline. 

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The Disco Scene 

The disco scene was a time of bold colours, glittery fabrics and textures. The influence of this era is still felt today in clothing styles that feature sequins and bright colours. 

Fabrics such as satin were popular during this period because they allowed for a smooth look when worn with tight-fitting clothes. Satin fabric also made it easy to create an elegant silhouette by creating long skirts or dresses with full skirts that flared out at the bottom hemline (think bell bottoms). 

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The Power of Platforms 

Platform shoes and boots were a huge part of 70s fashion. They were worn by both men and women, as well as children. 

The most popular brands of platform shoes at the time were Dr Martens, whose boots became an icon for punk rockers; Adidas Superstars (which can be seen on the feet of David Beckham today); and Converse All Stars. These shoes had an impact on the way people dressed because they made it possible for everyone to wear them no matter what their age or gender was. 


The Return of Hippie Chic 

The return of hippie chic was a big part of the 70s fashion scene. You can see this in the popularity of bohemian style, floral prints and embroidery, as well as the influence of Woodstock. 

Bohemian style was popularized by designers like Ossie Clark who were inspired by Eastern cultures (especially India). They used bright colors like pink or purple paired with loose-fitting fabrics such as silk chiffon over denim jeans. Bohemian looks were also characterized by lots of embroidery on clothing items such as dresses or tops--this trend was influenced by Woodstock's emphasis on handmade goods! 

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The Preppy Look 

The preppy look is characterized by button-down shirts and cardigans, plaids and checks, as well as popular accessories. 

You can easily recreate this style with a few pieces from your closet. 


The Punk Movement 

The punk movement was a reaction to the hippie movement, which had been going on for some time. It started in the 1970s and continued into the 1980s. The punks were a group of young people who were against authority and wanted change in society. They dressed differently from others, with lots of leather and denim, plaid shirts and tartan kilts (skirts). They also wore bright colours like yellow or orange instead of blues or greens that would have been more typical during this time period. 

The influence of punk on fashion has lasted through today's styles such as grunge clothing or gothic outfits with chains hanging off them! 


The Rise of the Athleisure Look 

The athleisure look was popularized by brands like Nike and Adidas. These companies had been producing athletic apparel for decades, but it wasn't until the 1990s that they started making their logo-emblazoned gear available to the general public. The rise of this trend coincided with an increasing interest in sports, which had been steadily growing since the 1970s. As more people began participating in various forms of exercise--and buying their own workout gear--athletic wear became increasingly fashionable outside of its intended purpose as well as within it. 

The popularity of tracksuits and sneakers also contributed to this shift toward activewear being worn outside its intended context: they were comfortable enough for everyday use while still being casual enough for going out at night or relaxing at home after work (or before bed). 

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In conclusion, 70s fashion is a unique style that has evolved over time. It's easy to see how it influenced today's trends and continues to be popular. 

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