Daisy Jones and the Six: A Fashionable Journey

Daisy Jones and the Six: A Fashionable Journey

Amazon Prime's original series, Daisy Jones and the Six, has taken the world by storm with its captivating storyline and incredible music. But, apart from the music and the drama, the show has also become a fashion inspiration for many. Set in the 1970s, the show's wardrobe is a perfect blend of vintage and modern fashion. In this blog, we'll take a look at the fashion influences of Daisy Jones and the Six. 

The 70s Vibe 

The 70s was a time of change and revolution in the fashion industry. It was a decade of experimentation and freedom, and the fashion of Daisy Jones and the Six reflects that. The show's costume designer, Emma Fryer, has done an excellent job of capturing the essence of the 70s fashion. 

 70s boho fashion

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The Bohemian Look 

One of the most prominent fashion influences of the show is the bohemian look. The bohemian style is all about free-spiritedness, and it's evident in Daisy's wardrobe. She's often seen wearing flowy dresses, bell-bottom pants, and floppy hats, which are all staples of the bohemian style. 

70s boho fashion look

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The Rockstar Look 

The show is about a rock band, and the rockstar look is an integral part of the fashion influences of the show. The male characters in the show are often seen wearing leather jackets, tight pants, and boots, which are all classic rockstar staples. The female characters also embrace the rockstar look, with leather jackets and high-waisted jeans. 

The Glam Look 

Apart from the bohemian and rockstar looks, the show also features a glam look. This look is all about glitz and glamour, and it's evident in the stage outfits of the band. The show's costume designer has used sequins, metallic fabrics, and bold colours to create the perfect glam look for the band. 

Daisy Jones and the Six

The Influence Today 

The fashion influences of Daisy Jones and the Six are still prevalent today. Many fashion designers have taken inspiration from the show's wardrobe and incorporated it into their designs. The bohemian look, in particular, has become a popular trend, with many fashion influencers and celebrities embracing it. 

In conclusion, Daisy Jones and the Six is not just a show about music and drama; it's also a show about fashion. The fashion influences of the show are a perfect blend of vintage and modern fashion, and they continue to inspire fashion designers and enthusiasts alike. If you haven't watched the show yet, now is the perfect time to do so and get inspired by its incredible fashion. 

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