Upcoming Eco-Friendly Events in London this December

Upcoming Eco-Friendly Events in London this December

As the festive season approaches, London is abuzz with an array of sustainable events that celebrate eco-conscious living and responsible consumerism. If you're passionate about sustainability and looking for unique, ethically-sourced gifts or simply want to immerse yourself in the eco-friendly culture, you're in luck! London's December calendar is brimming with events that cater to your eco-conscious lifestyle. In this blog, we'll highlight some of the most exciting sustainable events happening in and around London this December.

Go East Vintage Flea and Sustainable Makers Market

Date: 17th December 2022 - 18th December 2022 Time: 11:00 am - 6:00 pm Location: Patchworks - 258 Church Road, Leyton

Kickstarting our list is the Go East Vintage Flea and Sustainable Makers Market, a vibrant event dedicated to vintage fashion and sustainable crafts. From one-of-a-kind clothing pieces to handcrafted goods, this market is a treasure trove for eco-conscious shoppers. Located in Leyton, it's the perfect place to find unique, sustainable gifts for your loved ones this holiday season.

Salad Days Christmas Market

Date: Saturday 2nd December (11:00 am - 8:00 pm) and Sunday 3rd December (11:00 am - 6:00 pm) Location: Level One, Turbine Hall A, The Power Station, Battersea

The Salad Days Christmas Market, set against the industrial backdrop of The Power Station in Battersea, is an eco-friendly extravaganza that features sustainable brands and artisans. Expect to find a wide range of products, from upcycled fashion to organic skincare, all while enjoying the festive atmosphere.

Brixton Vintage Kilo Sale

Date: December 2nd (11:00 am) - December 3rd (5:00 pm) Location: Pop Brixton, 49 Brixton Station Road, London SW9 8PQ

If you're looking for sustainable fashion at affordable prices, the Brixton Vintage Kilo Sale is the place to be. Shop by weight rather than item, which encourages recycling and reusing clothing, reducing waste in the process. It's a win-win for both your wallet and the environment.

Beckenham Winter Vintage Market, So Last Century

Date: Sat, 9th Dec (10:00 am) – Sun, 10th Dec (4:00 pm) Location: The Mansion, Beckenham Pl Park, Beckenham

The Beckenham Winter Vintage Market, organised by So Last Century, is a fantastic event for vintage enthusiasts. It's the ideal place to discover unique, pre-loved treasures that are not only stylish but also environmentally friendly. Shop sustainably and find that perfect retro piece to add to your collection.

Frock Me!

Date: Sunday, 3rd Dec (11:00 am - 5:30 pm) Location: Chelsea Old Town Hall, King's Rd, London

Frock Me! is a vintage fashion fair with a sustainable twist. With an array of vintage clothing, textiles, and accessories, this event celebrates timeless style while encouraging responsible consumption. Stroll through the aisles and find your next vintage gem.

Hackney Flea-Mas Market

Date: Sat, 16th Dec (11:00 am) – Sun, 17th Dec (5:00 pm) Location: Abney Public Hall, 73A Stoke Newington Church St, London

The Hackney Flea-Mas Market is where you can hunt for unique second-hand finds and retro treasures. This eco-conscious market promotes recycling and upcycling, making it a must-visit for sustainable shoppers and vintage aficionados.

London Pop & Collectibles Market

Date: Sunday, 10th Dec (8:00 am - 5:00 pm) Location: City Sleeper at Royal National Hotel, 38-51 Bedford Way, London

For collectors and enthusiasts of pop culture and memorabilia, the London Pop & Collectibles Market is the place to be. It's a sustainable way to acquire vintage toys, comics, and collectibles that tell a story of the past, making it an excellent choice for those looking to shop with a conscience.

This December, London is showcasing a diverse array of sustainable events that cater to eco-conscious shoppers and vintage aficionados alike. From vintage fashion to handcrafted treasures and eco-friendly gifts, these events offer a unique opportunity to shop responsibly and enjoy the festive season while contributing to a more sustainable future. So, mark your calendars and embrace the holiday spirit with a green twist at these eco-friendly events happening in and around London. Happy shopping, and remember to support sustainable choices this holiday season!

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