Hey trendsetters, tired of blending in with the ordinary? Craving the cosy embrace of a fleece that screams "I'm not like the rest"? Well, buckle up, because our men's vintage fleece collection is here to rescue you from the fashion snooze-fest!

So, if you're ready to ditch the mundane and wrap yourself in the warm hug of uniqueness, our men's vintage fleece collection is your fashion fairy godmother. Prepare to make a statement without saying a word – these fleeces are your ticket to a cosy, quirky, and utterly fabulous wardrobe adventure!


Curated with ethical sourcing in mind, so you can shop sustainably without a second thought! We've combed through the offerings of UK-based wholesalers, partnered with indie sellers who know their style game, explored the treasures hidden in charity and thrift shops, and embraced the laid-back vibes of car boot fairs – all to present you with a collection that's as warm-hearted as it is snug.

Our men's vintage fleeces are a blend of warmth and style, sourced from a spectrum of eras and vibes. Whether you're craving the retro charm of the 80s, the laid-back feels of the 90s, or a touch of Y2K coolness, our collection has something for every fleece enthusiast.

Be sure to peruse the sizes and measurements in our detailed descriptions – because the perfect fit is the key to unlocking your style potential. Got questions or need assistance in finding the ideal fleece?.... Get in touch!