Welcome to the time-traveling wonderland of knitwear, where our men's collection is like a stylish DeLorean, taking you on a trip through the ages without the flux capacitor.

Get ready for a knit-tastic journey featuring the A-listers of the sweater world – Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren, Lacoste, and Fred Perry. It's like having a VIP pass to the fashion party of the 80s, and 90s, all in one cosy package.

We're not just talking about sweaters; we're talking about knitwear that's bolder than your sibling's audacity. Think abstract patterns that could give Picasso a run for his money and colours so vibrant they make rainbows jealous.


A curated blend of nostalgia and style sourced with ethics in mind! We've journeyed through the racks of UK-based wholesalers, collaborated with indie sellers who are fashion aficionados, explored the hidden treasures of charity and thrift shops, and delved into the vibrant energy of car boot fairs – all to bring you a collection that's as diverse as it is timeless.

Our men's vintage knits are a journey through the decades, boasting funky patterns reminiscent of the 70s, bold styles from the 80s, and a touch of 90s nostalgia. The mix includes not only the funky vibes but also big names like Tommy Hilfiger and Ralph Lauren, adding a dash of iconic flair. And for those seeking the pinnacle of comfort, we've thrown in a variety of wool knits and some luxurious cashmere blends – because style should feel as good as it looks.

Before you embark on your retro-knit adventure, don't forget to check the sizes and measurements in our detailed descriptions. Any question?, get in touch!