Hold on to your hats, style adventurers! Our women's jackets aren't just clothing; they're the loudest, sassiest, and most talkative pieces in your wardrobe.

These jackets are like the fashion rebels of your closet, breaking all the style rules and leaving a trail of dropped jaws in their wake. It's not just about keeping you warm; it's about making a statement that's louder than your Monday morning alarm.

So, if you're ready to listen to what these jackets have to say (spoiler alert: it's all about turning heads and slaying the fashion game), dive into our collection. Because why settle for a jacket that whispers when you can have one that shouts, "Look at me, I'm fabulous!"?


Our vintage jackets are sourced with love from UK wholesalers, charity shops, and indie vintage sellers. Our jackets are not just fashion statements – they're sustainability superheroes. So, no need to ponder twice; we've got your back on the eco-friendly front!

Damaged goods? Not on our watch! We give them a makeover, a second chance at slaying the fashion game through creative reworking and upcycling.

Oh, and a little reminder: check the sizing, and if you're in a style dilemma, we're just a message away! Because at Vintage Recovery, fashion should be fun, fabulous, and always a perfect fit!