Alright, fellas, get ready for a jacket rebellion! These bad boys aren't just clothes; they're the rockstars of the jacket world, ready to crank up the volume on your style game.

Vintage Recovery is not just a store; it's a jacket manifesto. We've got men's jackets that speak louder than your mate after three pints – from prints that shout, "Look at me!" to denim that's more festival-ready than a crowd-surfing unicorn.

So, whether you're into prints that demand a double-take or denim that's already camped out at Glastonbury a few times, then buckle up, because these jackets have stories, flair, and a whole lot of style to share!


A fusion of eras and vibes, all ethically sourced to make you stand out in every crowd! We've scoured the racks of UK-based wholesalers, collaborated with indie sellers who redefine cool, explored the hidden treasures of charity and thrift shops, and embraced the eclectic energy of car boot fairs – all to bring you a collection that's as unique as your individuality.

Our men's vintage and retro jackets are a time-traveling adventure, with pieces from the funky 70s, bold styles of the 80s, nostalgia from the 90s, and a dash of Y2K coolness. Each jacket carries its own story, blending the best of vintage aesthetics with a touch of modern flair.

As you embark on your jacket quest, be sure to peruse the sizes and measurements in our detailed descriptions – because the perfect fit is the key to unlocking your style potential. Got questions or need assistance in finding the ideal jacket? Reach out!