Prepare for a style revolution, trendsetters! When you slip into our reworked tops, get ready to unleash your inner chic superhero – capes not included, but confidence highly encouraged!

You're not just dressing up; you're sending the universe a little love note, nudging it towards a more sustainable future – you, my friend, are saving the world, one stylish top at a time.

Now, let's talk uniqueness! Each top has undergone a transformation, courtesy of vintage, second-hand, or preloved clothing. You're not just making a style statement; you're shouting, "I'm fabulous, and I care about the planet!"


Get ready for the ultimate wardrobe glow-up, because our reworked tops are the real deal – born and bred in-house from the quirkiest damaged vintage and second-hand threads! What's the catch? Well, by snagging these babies, you're basically a superhero saving clothes from a tragic landfill fate. How's that for a fashion rescue mission?

We're not just throwing around eco-friendly vibes – we're living and breathing them! Our materials are sourced only from the UK wholesalers, indie sellers, and charity shop.

Now, brace yourself – our tops are limited stock, made in small batches – blink, and there none left. So, if you want to rock these eco-chic wonders, you better be quick, because once it's gone, its gone!