5 Ways to be More Sustainable

5 Ways to be More Sustainable

Now more than ever people are trying to find ways to be more sustainable and economical. So, it’s not surprising that sustainable clothing is growing in popularity and has becoming the biggest trend in the fashion industry. Here are five different ways to be come more sustainable and save you some money.

  1. Reuse

I remember a time when wearing the same outfit twice was a big no. Thankfully this is no longer the case! In Fact, it’s now becoming a very big trend to reuse your old clothing, rather than keep buying new.

Capsule wardrobes are an easy way to become more sustainable and keep you reusing your clothes. Having a good, curated mixture of tops and bottoms that creates a variety of different combinations.

Finding your own personal style and creating a uniform of well fitted clothing that doesn’t follow fast fashion trends is also a good way to shop as you will be able to constantly reuse your old clothes.

  1. Rework

A great way to reuse old clothing is to rework or upcycle them. As you will see from our Vintage Recovery reworks, there are plenty of ways to turn old clothing into something new and thousands of tutorials on YouTube to get those creative ideas flowing. So, don’t throw out something that needs mending, die it, crop it, rework into something else.

  1. Thrifting

Another way to shop more sustainably is thrifting. Now that the stigma of wearing second-hand clothes has long gone and the boom in resale site such as Depop and Vinted has continued. Thrifting, whether its online, at local stores or boot fairs is a great way to stop clothing ending up in landfill.

  1. Renting

A growing trend of 2022, which I am use will gain more momentum is renting. Renting rather then buying clothes is a great way to be more sustainable. Perfect for those big events like weddings and birthdays where you want a pricier never to be worn again item. You can normally rent an outfit for a few days at a time and at less than a third of the price that it would have been to purchase new.

  1. Borrow

A very simple idea, that I am sure not many of us do and that’s just to borrow from friends and family. Probably the most sustainable and cost effective out of them all. Have a big event coming up and nothing to wear? Just search through your friend’s wardrobe, I’m sure they won’t mind especially when you can return the favour.

I hope this has given you a few ideas and hopefully stop you running to a fast fashion store for your next shopping fix. Remember you can always reuse, rework, thrift, rent and borrow. If you have any other ways to become more sustainable and spend less, then let us know in the comments.

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