Welcome to our Western clothing collection, where vintage meets modern flair! Discover a unique blend of denim, timeless reworks, and charming blouses with a country and western vibe. From rugged crop denim jackets to intricately embroidered blouses, our collection embodies the spirit of the Wild West with a contemporary twist.


At the heart of our collection lies a commitment to ethical sourcing. We've scoured UK wholesalers, charity shops, and indie sellers to handpick each item, ensuring that they uphold our values of sustainability and fair trade. Every garment in our collection has been carefully selected to not only reflect the wild west aesthetic but also the ethos of responsible consumerism.

But our dedication to sustainability doesn't stop there. We believe in giving new life to damaged goods, turning setbacks into opportunities for creativity. Our reworked bralettes, for example, are crafted from salvaged materials, transforming damaged blouses and denim shirts into fresh, fashionable pieces that breathe new life into pre-loved fabrics.

Join us on a journey through the Wild West, where ethical sourcing meets sustainable fashion. Embrace the frontier spirit in every stitch and stride, knowing that your style choices make a difference. With our collection, you can explore the rugged beauty of the past while forging a more sustainable future.